Tie-Dye for Education

Our Mission

Education for everyone around the world
Our Motivation

141 million people in East Africa live on less than $2US/day.* In 2007, only 25% of elementary school went on to high school because of expenses.* 4 million new primary teachers are needed in E. Africa to reach the goal of universal primary education by 2015.* Source: Asante Africa Foundation

Our Story

I never liked the t-shirts that they sold in the mall. So, I started tie-dying my own shirts. I wanted to sell them and the idea to give the money for education was inspired by my dad. He always pushes us to work hard to get into good colleges so I thought that other kids should have an equal chance. – Namleen

Our Work

We engage students to tie-dye and sell shirts. The money raised goes towards educating kids in Africa through our partners. Above all we have fun tie-dying shirts!

Our Partners

Our vehicle to reach kids around the world
Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela


Namleen Kohli
8th Grade Student
Binti Kohli
9th Grade Student
Mr. Snyder
Robert Frost Junior High School

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